Buy Here Pay Here: These Are Newer Model Cars

An explanation of a “buy here pay here vehicle” In contrast to Buy Here Pay Here vehicles, which are dealership-financed, typical car dealerships often send the contract for your purchase to an auto lender, who then makes the necessary financing available to you. On-lot finance, sometimes known as Pay Here Buy Here automobiles, is frequently used in auto ads. Advertisements for “buy here pay here near me” all refer to the same thing: you immediately pay your car’s monthly installment to the dealership.

Buy Here Pay Here means the same thing at our dealership. We assist our clients in obtaining a car loan from us directly rather than through an intermediary like a bank or credit union. We do it this way because it gives us a better opportunity to offer car loans to folks who might otherwise need to be qualified or have been declined while trying to buy a car.

Unlike other conventional used car dealerships, we are unique! We are solely a buy here pay here auto dealership. You can rely on AutoMax to assist you whether you’re looking for a cheap used vehicle, truck, or SUV. We want to put you in a better car so you can travel everywhere, including work and school. We don’t try to upsell you on other products or mark up the price of our used autos. Don’t be concerned about purchasing a car if you have bad credit. We’re here to work with you and recognize how crucial it is to adhere to your monthly spending plan.

We don’t just sell older model cars since we sell buy here pay here cars. Just two to three years old, we have a vast selection of pre-owned vehicles, vans, trucks, and SUVs! You can locate a car at our store that fits your needs and is reasonably priced.