2 Things Impactful the Future of Retail!

Telsey Advisory Group CEO, Dana Telsey said “Yesterday’s amazing is today’s expected” (What happened yesterday is hope today).
This is the core thing that needs to be known by the retail business.
In a webinar held by NetSuite, Telsey explained 2 trends that could 코인선물 거래소 of retail in a world that has shifted a lot to the cloud.

1. Consumers need an experience of something they can touch and feel

According to research conducted by Telsey, millennials are freer in making choices, are technology literate,
and demands a comfortable experience of interacting digitally compared to the baby boomer generation which only focuses on the customer service experience.
Departing from this research,
It is hoped that retail business owners can provide new experiences to their stores, such as adding a virtual fitting room feature.

2. The development of e-commerce and mobile commerce dominates the market share

Looking again at the existing demographic where internet and smartphone use is dominating,
naturally, everyone prefers to do online shopping which is predicted to continue to dominate.

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